OPENED in June 1st 2016, our brewery is based in South Queensferry; the first and only brewery in The Ferry since 1851. We have started with humble beginnings and hope to develop a great reputation for good tasting quality beer that grows beyond the shores of South Queensferry.

Queensferry is known for its wealth of history – from the Forth Bridge, Forth Road Bridge and the new Queensferry Crossing Bridge – so we wanted to contribute to the historic attraction by creating a revival of local brewing in The Ferry after 165 years. Our goal is to encapsulate the history of the Ferry in our brewery as evidenced in our logo and the names of our beers. Our beers will combine traditional and historic beer recipes with a contemporary twist.

Our Tap Bar & Shop are open every day except Monday.  Tues-Thurs 10am-5pm, Fri & Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 12noon - 5pm.  Sit in for a few or take away!

Additionally, we expect that the Brewery will provide an additional point of interest – place to go and something to do - for residents, visitors and tourists alike where they can explore the history of brewing in The Ferry, witness the handcrafting of beer and enjoy a good pint. Once the Brewery is opened to the public, customers will be able to take a brewery tour during the allotted times. Coming soon will be our Tap Bar where customers will be able to sample various beers – pale ales, bitters, reds, porters, 80/-s, stouts - before buying bottles, mini casks and beer-to-go varieties. We will also craft seasonal as well as Brewer specialities from time to time. In addition to handcrafted beers, customers will be able to purchase a wee brewery gift item as a token of their visit.

With over 25 years of home brewing, 4+ years of planning, brew school, over a year and a half of crafting beers for tasters and months of sweat & tears to finance, design, renovate, construct our premises, we are happy to have started production of our handcrafted beers.