Our seasonal beers reflect the time of year and occasion.

Ferry Dunkelweizen

Dark Wheat Ale

This Amber colored wheat beer is creamy and full-bodied with a delicious malty sweetness, low balancing bitterness, cloves, bready flavours and aroma.

Barley, WHEAT

5% (2.5 Units in a 500ml bottle)

Ferry Sunshine

Pale Wheat Ale

Our golden Pale Weizer has German Weizen flavours, aromas of banana and cloves with moderate bitterness for a refreshing taste.

4.9%- (2.45 Units in a 500ml bottle).

Barley, WHEAT

Ferry Alt

Old German Dark

This Imperial Stout brings together lovely flavours of roasted malts and coffee with berry aromas to complete a velvety mouth feel that ought to be savoured! 

Ingredients: Barley, WHEAT

BEST DARK – FINALIST 2019, 2020 Scottish Beer Awards

4.9% – (2.45 Units in a 500ml bottle)

Loony Brew

Ingredients: Barley, WHEAT


Christmas Warmer

Dark, smooth warmer with flavours of chocolate, sweet caramel and raisins with a slightly spicy finish. Chase away the cold winter blues and treat yourself to this generous slice of Christmas Cake in a glass! Ho,Ho, Ho! Ferry Christmas!

7.2% ABV


Fresh, zingy Hoppy Blonde with aromas and flavours of oranges and pink grapefruit leading to a refreshing crisp finish Ferry Hoppy Christmas ale!
Wishing you all a Ferry Green Hoppy Zingy Citrusy refreshing Christmas. The best way to spread the Christmas Cheer is to give a few bottles. Peace, Love, Joy & FerryBreweryAles. A Ferry Hoppy Christmas!

4% ABV

Santa’s WEE Helper

Smooth and warming with hints of caramel, chocolate, spice ending with a sweet fruit finish.
This helper is guaranteed to give Santa a much-needed boost. Ho,Ho, Ho! Ferry Christmas!

7.5% ABV

Jingle Jingle

Ingredients: Barley, WHEAT


Christmas Cracker

Ingredients: Barley, WHEAT


Smokey jack


Ingredients: Barley, WHEAT


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