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Mini Kegs

Enjoy your favourite Ferry Tasty Beer at home available in 5L mini-kegs.

VOLUME – 5 Litres (8.8 pints)

BEST BEFORE – 6 weeks on delivery (check BB date on the container)

ONCE OPENED – Consume within 3-4 days

STORAGE – Keep refrigerated

SETTLING – allow 3-4 hours before pouring

APPEARANCE – from clear to hazy depending on the beer style

INSTRUCTIONS and CAUTION for storing and pouring.

Our Mini-Kegs are unfiltered and keg conditioned which means that the beer continues to ferment in the keg. Allow the keg to settle for at least 3-4 hours as it may have been shaken on  delivery and opening and keep mini-keg refrigerated during drinking.

Once you open the mini-keg it will slowly lose carbonation as you pour or through the vent at the top of the container. 

Consume within 3-4 days of opening to enjoy the beer at optimum quality and taste.

Always keep mini-keg in the fridge

Note that some beers has more hazy look than others, because we do not filter our beers and also some are created to be hazy. These beers are still good to consume. Also take a minute to read the description on the type(s) of beers.

Once you are ready to drink your beer, follow the serving instructions on the side or top of the container or as stated below:

  • Turn Tap (on front of mini-keg) in direction of the arrow to horizontal position.
  • Then pull out tap until it stops.
  • Press red button on the tap to dispense the beer. It may be lively and foamy but settles.
  • When the beer flow diminishes, slowly and carefully open air-release (vent on top of container).
  • After filling your glass, push the tap back in (to the mini-keg), and close air-release (vent on top of container) to  keep carbonation and freshness. Avoid shaking the mini-keg.
  • For best results serve within 3 days of opening. 
  • Avoid temperate variations, dropping or banging mini-keg to avoid accidents.

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